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Do you feel like you’ve plateaued with your emotional health, despite your best efforts?

Perhaps you’ve been for therapy and found it wasn’t the right fit or you didn’t find what you were looking for. Does the thought of sitting down and telling your story, yet another time, unsettle you a little bit? Is there some part of you that already knows what you need to change, but simultaneously feels stuck?

Imagine feeling happier, lighter, and free from your past. This may be the piece in your health that you’ve been missing.

We all move through the world in particular ways and our tendencies, habits, and behaviours actually speak leaps and bounds about where we come from and where we’ve been.

The personality we present to the world is largely created through psychological adaptions from childhood, all intended to help you cope and survive. They are the brilliant parts of you.

Unfortunately, they can also be the very parts of you that are holding you back. I am not saying you need to change your personality, but you need to understand it if you truly want to be free.

Perhaps there is something from your past that you finally feel ready to or need to address.

Do you carry a childhood trauma that has never been fully healed?
Is being around your family of origin difficult and triggering for you?
Are some of the values you were raised with not serving you anymore?
Do you lack the confidence to step fully and honestly into your life?

These are some of the common indicators that your past has a hold on you.

I utilize Compassionate Inquiry to help you connect with, understand, and liberate yourself from the past

Compassionate Inquiry is a psychotherapeutic approach, developed by Dr. Gabor Mate, that eloquently simplifies the otherwise complex world of the mind / body connection and gently and efficiently unearths the roots of your unconscious belief patterns that are often governing your life.

The process is powerful, deep, and moving.

A Compassionate Inquiry session can have a profound impact on your state of being

A compassionate inquiry session is predicated upon an incredible level of presence and attunement between you and me (client and therapist). This presence is the cornerstone of safety required to access these deeper parts of your being.

Through careful attention to and exploration of language, body language, physical sensations and emotions, I guide you to your attached implicit memories, narratives, hidden belief patterns, and tendencies.

You do not need to retell your story. In fact, the re-telling of your story is sometimes exactly where you are getting stuck. You don’t need to know what needs fixing. You simply start with where you are today, with what is showing up, and with what you feel comfortable exploring and uncovering.

The less of an agenda you arrive with the better.

The insights afforded through the process of Compassionate Inquiry are truly liberating. I know this because I have experienced it.

I started the Compassionate Inquiry professional training in January 2019 with the first official cohort of registrants. The training was more than I ever expected and unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

Prior to the training I had personally received years of many types of therapy and Compassionate Inquiry lead me to another level healing and a knowledge of myself I never knew was possible.

A session with a Compassionate Inquiry practitioner can help you develop a deeper relationship to yourself

If you struggle with being in your head and have difficulty connecting with and staying in your body, you will greatly benefit from the process of Compassionate Inquiry.

Learn to cultivate presence with yourself and be with what is without judgment. Learn to express what has long remained unexpressed in your life, uncover unconscious beliefs and emotional patterns, identify and develop body awareness, and understand how your past shows up in the present moment.

Don’t think there’s a limit to your healing if you’re still feeling uncomfortable and stuck in parts of your life.

Compassionate inquiry can be very deep and personal work, therefore it is really important we are the right fit.

Schedule a free 15 minute conversation to determine if my approach and style are right for you.


Sessions for compassionate inquiry are 55 minutes in length.

It is important we are a good fit so you can book a free 15 minute discovery call to ensure I am the right compassionate enquiry practitioner for you!


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Our sorrows and wounds are healed
only when we touch them with compassion

- Buddha