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Reclaim your health and use the best of natural medicine to help your body restore physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Naturopathic Doctor Jill Kazuk

Hi, I’m Dr. Jill Kazuk!

As a naturopathic doctor, I work with patients in Manitoba and British Columbia, in person & via telehealth. I specialize in restoring gut health, regulating the nervous system, and caring for the emotional heart, re-establishing healthy connections between these systems.

I work with people who truly want to understand their health. I am committed to simplifying medicine, and prioritize getting to know my patients, using education and empowerment as tools for long term health.

My job is to guide you in how to rekindle your digestive function, delve into mindset and old patterns of thinking, and learn to balance your nervous system. With these things in place, you provide your body with the optimum environment to heal.

Natural wellness services

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Naturopathic treatment

Comprehensive natural medical care

It’s important to find and work with a doctor who wants to hear the finer details about your health, that takes ample time to listen, identifies the root cause(s) of your ailments, and is dedicated to teach you how to heal on your own with the most natural means possible.

Digestive health

Nutrition for digestive restoration

When your digestion is off, everything goes out of balance. Receive individualized nutritional support to calm your digestive inflammation, restore microbiome balance, optimize absorption and elimination, and learn the ins and outs to eating a nutritionally rich diet and having fun doing it.

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Emotional health

Compassionate inquiry

Uncover and disentangle yourself from thought patterns, stories, and core beliefs that are holding you back from living authentically, through a psychotherapeutic approach rooted in restoring connection with the self. Start living a life guided by compassion, curiosity, and honesty. All you need to begin is an open mind.

Stress management

Understanding stress resilience

Understand how to best support, recover and restore your body following chronic stress.

Learn to adapt, respond, and increase your emotional and mental strength in the face of adverse circumstances, allowing you to thrive, not simply survive.

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Naturopathic Doctor in Victoria BC
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Dr Jill is passionate about natural medicine, which is evident from the first moments of speaking with her. Her goal is to see you, to hear you, and to help you heal.


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Naturopath in Victoria BC

I see your life as already artful,
just waiting and ready for you to make it art.

- Toni Morrison